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Sport & Fitness in the Age of Covid

As the world continues to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic, the importance of fitness and sport has never been greater. When dealing with a virus that primarily attacks the respiratory system, doesn't it make sense to strengthen our hearts and lungs with the only tool proven to do so? Exercise may not help you from catching Covid but it may give you the strength to fight it.

Covid-19 is having a toll not only on our physical well being but our mental well being as well. We are not seeing this just in adults but in children as well. Physical activity, such as martial arts training, has been proven to help battle stress, anxiety and depression in adults and children.

While it's not business as usual when it comes to sport and fitness these days, precautions need to be taken, sport and fitness are proving to be safe and necessary activities as we navigate Covid-19. Gyms, dojos and sports facilities, where precautions are being taken, are showing little to no spread of the virus.

If we have a vaccine by the end of 2020 experts still expect us to be dealing with Covid for at least a year more. How long are you willing to put off your well being or the well being of your kids? We can no longer think that it is going to be possible to wait out this pandemic. The physical and mental health of our families are at stake.


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