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Karate in Markham

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Markham Karate

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Novice Program: Beginner

In the Novice Program, students lay the foundation for their martial arts journey. Students learn the basics they need to advance their skills as a martial artist.


The Novice Program includes 3 months of classes lead by caring, patient, qualified teachers. Students in the Novice Program can attend multiple classes every week. A white uniform is included in the cost of classes.


Instructors will guide students through martial arts techniques, including basic blocking, striking and kicking, self-defense and partner drills, striking targets and more.

Taekwondo student

Markham Karate

Level Up Your Skills

BBM Program: Intermediate

In the Intermediate BBM Program, students begin their path towards black belt. Students in the BBM Program expand their skills and learn new ones, including sparring, basic weapons (kobudo) training, and more advanced partner drills.

The BBM Program includes a red uniform, sparring equipment, gym bag and all colour belts and exam fees.

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Markham Karate

Prepare for Your Black Belt & Beyond

Masters Program: Advanced

The Masters Program is designed to take students to the black belt and beyond. Students learn advanced curriculum which includes advanced weapons, self-defense and more.


Masters students train at the highest level. In addition to advanced level karate curriculum, students learn drills and techniques derived from many different martial arts, such as ju jitsu, judo, kickboxing and more. 


The Masters program includes black belt prep, advanced curriculum and workshops. Masters students also receive a black uniform and a weapons package. All black belt exam fees are included at no extra cost. 

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