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Karate in Markham

Rooted In Tradition - Shaping The Future
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Northern Karate Markham

Northern Karate Markham opened its doors in 2004. Our school has quickly grown from a handful of students to Markham's largest and most recognized martial arts organization. 

In early 2020, we moved to our newest and largest location yet. We are now able to offer our students an even larger training area as well as a fully equipped fitness centre. 

Markham Martial Arts

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Karate Markham

A Brief History

Founded in 1972, Northern Karate is Canada’s most respected martial arts organization. Since then, Northern Karate has grown to 14 locations across the Greater Toronto Area.


Our curriculum incorporates techniques from a variety of martial arts disciplines while staying true to traditional practices. Our extensive and evolving curriculum means we keep students engaged to their black belt and beyond.


We offer the most flexible class schedules, state-of-the-art facilities, and much more.


Northern Karate Markham offers world-class and high-quality martial arts instruction in Markham and surrounding areas, such as Scarborough North, Pickering, and Stouffville.


Martial arts practice at Northern Karate helps families and individuals reach their potential. Our students become more focused, disciplined, balanced and physically fit.


We believe in offering the best quality martial arts instruction available, the most convenient schedules, clean well-equipped facilities and friendly caring staff.

Martial Arts Markham

Meet the Team
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Kyoshi Eric Vinagreiro

School Director

Kyoshi Vinagreiro currently holds a 7th Dan Black Belt. He has been training martial arts since he was six years old. Kyoshi Vinagreiro has been teaching karate for nearly 30 years. He established the Markham dojo in 2004.

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Agnes Mlynarz

Administrative Director

Agnes has been working alongside her husband, Kyoshi Vinagreiro, in the operating of the Markham dojo since 2008. She loves to travel and is fluent in Polish.

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Renshi Stephanie Sowagi

Senior Instructor

Renshi Sowagi currently holds a 5th Dan Black Belt. She began her training at the age of 18. Renshi Sowagi has been teaching karate for over 10 years. She heads up Markham dojo's Black Belt Prep Program.

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Renshi Brandon Mark

Senior Instructor

Renshi Mark currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt. He began his training at the age of 12. Renshi Mark has been teaching karate for over 10 years. His talent and enthusiasm for the martial arts is infectious.

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Renshi Kristina Orsetto

Senior Instructor

Renshi Orsetto currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt. She began her training at the age of 16. Renshi Orsetto has been teaching karate for over 10 years. She is a proud mom of two future black belts. 

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Senior Instructor

Sensei Jeffrey Green

Sensei Green currently holds a 4th Dan Black Belt. He has been training karate for over a decade. Sensei Green has overcome personal adversity and has grown into a talented and confident martial arts instructor.

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