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Friendship Tournament

Yesterday over 400 students from 5 Northern Karate locations participated in our Friendship Tournament. The tournament promoted friendly competition, helped cement new friendships and raised money for a great cause. $22,830.00 was presented to the Red Door Family Shelter. Red Door Family Shelter helps service women fleeing violence at home, families who are evicted, refugees and young mothers who may have nowhere to go. About 70% of Red Door clients are children. Our tournament gave kids the ability to help kids.

Kirsten Cooney, the representative from Red Door, was blown away by our collective fundraising efforts. In her words, this donation was “transformative” for Red Door. Thank you to everyone who helped us donate such an incredible sum. We would like to acknowledge our top 3 fundraisers - Olivia ($1020), Michael ($705) and Stephanie ($615).

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you to all our staff and volunteers who helped to make the day such a phenomenal success.

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